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Gismondi & Darmo is an international art advisory company collaborating with corporations, non-profit organizations, individuals, and artist estates.

We develop and curate cultural initiatives, art collections and advise clients on their artistic projects' vision, strategy, communication, and growth.

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In 2018, Alexis de Bernede and Marius Jacob-Gismondi founded Darmo Art - a leading European emerging art incubator - and Gismondi & Darmo an art advisory firm collaborating with organizations,  individuals, and artist estates.

We stand as collaborative visionaries, uniting with our clients to weave narratives that resonate across cultures and generations. Our passion lies in cultivating initiatives that breathe life into spaces, art collections that tell stories, and providing insightful guidance to our clients on every facet of their endeavors. From inception to realization, we are by your side, offering strategic insights, visionary strategies, and communication tactics that foster growth and resonance.

The firm differentiates itself by its ability to serve organizations and leading collections in Europe, as well as a whole new generation of collectors thanks to its numerous international projects. 


The two entrepreneurs were the youngest artistic advisors to collaborate with iconic luxury brands and to develop partnerships with world-renowned asset managers, family offices and private banks.

Where are our clients?

Selected Past Projects


Exhibition Curation & Acquisition Advisory

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Exhibitions curation & Cultural Strategy Advisory

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Exhibitions Curation



Exhibitions Curation & Strategy



Exhibition Curation & Events

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